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Case Study: Polypropylene Foam for Playground Equipment

Microfoampolypropylene foam is a versatile protective packaging material that has benefitted businesses across the world in a variety of industries. It is especially handy for any company that needs to offer superior protection to itsgoods, butcant afford to sacrifice their bottom line.Check out how one business in the playground equipment industry recently saw impressive gains by utilizingmicrofoampolypropylene foam packaging to ship their products.

The Problem

A playground equipment distributor was recently seeking a protective packaging solution that offered three main benefits: exceptional performance,an excellentprice, and a positive impact on the environment.
  • The company usedmicrofoampackaging many years ago, but switched away after it becametoexpensive
  • After the switch, customers began to complain more about receiving damaged products
  • The company did not want to make any compromises and decided they would not make the change back tomicrofoamuntil all three of their requirements could be met

The Solution

Our team of expert packaging specialists atBubble and Foam Packagingwas able to step in and assist the playground equipment provider with the idealmicrofoampolypropylene foam packaging solution.
  • Microfoampolypropylene packaging offers outstanding performance capabilities
  • With a few manufacturing improvements, the protective packaging material is no longer as cost restrictive as it once was
  • We helped the distributor create a system in which their own customers could send themicrofoamback to a plant where it would be recycled and reground

What isMicrofoamPolypropylene Foam?

With approximately 50,000 closed cells in each cubic inch ofmicrofoampolypropylene foam, this protective packaging brings an incredible cushion to the items it protects. It is most often utilizedas a void fill, as well as for vapor transmission interleaving, insulation, and surface protection.Microfoamis usually sold in sheets, rolls, and as a laminated material. Additionally, there are no other low-density polypropylene foams available on the packaging market.

MicrofoamPolypropylene Foam: The Fast Facts

  • Excellent choice for protecting surfaces easily susceptible to scratches
  • Does not tarnish or corrode materials
  • Resistant to moisture, mildew, and fungus
  • Can easily adhere labels and tapes tomicrofoam
  • Provides effective insulation in extreme temperatures works well in temperature range between 250-degrees F and 250-degrees F
  • Highly lightweight and easy to handle flexible even in thicker gauges
  • Can be laminated to a wide range of different packaging substrates
  • Does not leave residue behind
  • Can be printed on for custom packaging

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Are you ready to addmicrofoampolypropylene foam to your lineup of packaging supplies? This protective packaging material can work wonders to keep your goods out of harms way without busting your budget or ruining your bottom line. Contact Bubble and Foam Packaging today at (888) 704-9189 for more information from one of our packaging experts!

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