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The SimPad offers a unique environmentally-friendly product packaging solution. The SimPad is manufactured from high strength film that is filled with 100% recycled high-density expanded polystyrene beads. The foam beads are encapsulated by the vacuum sealed film that allow for the simpad to be shaped and contoured around a product ready to be shipped. This mold that has been formed will secure a fit and maximum protection from vibrations and drops during the shipping process. The SimPad manufacturing process creates a pad that can be used for the custom fitting of any product. These pads can be made in single-link sizes from 6" x 12" to 24" x 45" and thickness of 3/4" to 3." The SimPad's flexible construction allows it to be easily changed or modified for different product sizes. This is done without having to redesign or remanufacture the product packaging materials. The SimPad production process elminates the potential harm such as, burns from hot chemicals and toxic fumes for employees. Using SimPad will protect your product and empolyees.
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SkuGaugeLengthColorPrice Per EachBuy
352506 3 7.5" Blue 0%3%5%8%
352505 3 13.75" Blue 0%3%5%8%
352261 3 15" Blue 0%3%5%8%
341128 3 15" Blue 0%3%5%8%
288643 3 18" Blue 0%3%5%8%
341129 3 20" Blue 0%3%5%8%
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