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Instapak Quick RT foam packaging is a packaging alternative providing consistent, custom-fit protective packaging that requires no system or warmer. Instead, the Instapak Quick RT Foam Packaging is activated right out of the box by hand, at room temperature. This foam in place alternative is a quick, easy-to-use expandable foam packaging which virtually eliminates shipping damage.
  • Versatile Packaging: foam packaging protects products of almost any size, shape, and weight
  • Can be used anywhere, anytime
  • Foam cushions provide durable cushioning, blocking, and bracing protection for heavy products
  • Foam in place packaging requiring no equipment or warmers
  • Activated right out of the box by hand, at room temperature
  • Foam bags expand up to 27 times their original size
  • Instapak Quick RT Foam Packaging
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    SkuTypeLengthWeightBoxes/BundlePrice Per CaseBuy
    7771 Room Temperature Foam in Place Bags 15" x 18" 8 lbs. 36 0%3%5%8%
    325591 Room Temperature Foam in Place 18" x 18" 11 lbs 36 0%3%5%8%
    7773         0%3%5%8%
    293124 Room Temperature Foam in Place 18" x 24" 15 lbs 30 0%3%5%8%
    7775 Room Temperature Foam in Place 22" x 27" 14 lbs 24 0%3%5%8%
    368671 Room Temperature Foam in Place 25" x 27" 17 lbs. 24 0%3%5%8%
    368669 Room Temperature Foam in Place 18" x 16" 12 lbs. 30 0%3%5%8%
    368672 Room Temperature Foam in Place 18" x 20" 15 lbs. 30 0%3%5%8%
    368673 Room Temperature Foam in Place 22" x 20" 16 lbs. 24 0%3%5%8%
    368674 Room Temperature Foam in Place Quick Start Kit   9 lbs.   0%3%5%8%
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    Instapak Quick Room Temperature (RT) Foam Packaging

    What is Instapak Quick RT Foam Packaging?

    Instapak Quick Room Temperature (RT) Foam Packaging isan innovative foampackaging solution that combines "A" and "B" liquid components to create a foam bag that will expand to surround and secure your product. These foam-in-place bags are unique in that they require no equipment or installation costs. Simply pull the bag out of the box, activate the liquid compounds by hand at room temperature, and place the product onto the rising foam bag. The Instapak Quick RT foam bags provide the ultimate solution for custom-fit blocking, bracing, and void fill packaging.
    Instapak Quick RT Foam Packaging Benefits:
    • Ease of Use.
    • Provides tailor-designed packaging each application.
    • Increased Damage Reduction.
    • No Equipment or Installation Required.
    • Rapid foam expansion in seconds
    • Small footprint and completely mobile.
    • Professional, meticulous packaging presentation
    Instapak Quick RT and Quick Tuff RT Foam Packaging is ideal for:
    • Pack & Ship Stores
    • Warranty & Repair Shops
    • Internet-based Businesses
    • Mailrooms
    • Moving & Storage
    • Retail Shipping Departments
    • Museums & Galleries
    Instapak Quick RT FAQs:
    What is inside the Quick RT bags? Instapak Quick RT bags contain sealed pouches of Instapak liquid components. By pressing on the bag, the seals of the inner pouches are broken and the components mix together to produce high quality, protective foam packaging.
    Do I need to purchase any additional equipment to use the Instapak Quick RT foam bags? No, this foam packaging can be activated by hand right out of the box. No warmer or dispensing unit is required.
    How do I activate the foam in theInstapak Quick RT bags? First, press on the component "A" to break the seal. Then pat back and forth approximately fifteen to twenty times on the "A" and "B" ovals to combine the liquid components. Finally,place the product onto the rising foam. Repeat the process as needed.
    Should the QuickRT bags fill up completely with foam?The bags are designed to have some air space after the foam has risen. This allows the foam to expand around the product being packaged.
    How large will these bags become, once activated? The Instapak Quick RT bags will expand up to27 times their original size,making them a valuable packaging solution to reduce space.
    Can I use more than two Quick RT cushions for top and bottom protective packaging? Yes; it is common to use more than two of the Quick RT bags to protect a product.
    Can I reuse these bags if, after activated, I realize it was the wrong size? Yes; these foam bags can be set aside for later use in subsequent void fill packaging scenarios.
    Does shaking the foam bag, in efforttospread out the foam, affect theusability of the foam packaging? Do not shake the Quick RT bags at any time. Shaking the bag can cause the foam cells inside to break down, resulting in a cushion that is actually smaller than it should be. Proper placement of the product you are packaging, on the bag as it rises, will help facilitate thefoam spreading throughout the bag.
    Which Instapak Quick RT bag should I use? Instapak Quick RT or Instapak Quick Tuff RT? Choosing between the Instapak Quick RT and the Quick Tuff RT foam packaging bags is determined by the size and weight of your product.
    What is a product positioner and why would you use one? A product positioner is used when the product to be packaged is difficult or awkward to handle while placing it into the rising foam. A positioner can be any material- be it polyethylene, polyurethane, polystyrene or wood - used to help position the product within the center of the box. To determine the thickness of the position, reference the size of the shipping box and the amount of foam needed to surround the product being packaged.
    How can I tell if I have old Instapak Quick, or new Instapak QuickRT bags? InstapakQuickRT bags are blue colored and are activated at room temperature (RT), right out of the box. The Instapak Quick bags are silver, and require a warmer to activate.
    What is the difference between the basic Quick RT Foam Packaging bags and Quick Tuff RT Foam Packaging: Quick Tuff RT foam packaging bags have a higher density foam ideal for packaging heavier products. Q
    Is there a recommended temperature range for using these foam in place bags? For best results, activate bags stored between 65 - 90F (or 18C to 32C).
    Is there a starter kit of these foam in place bags I can purchase to test the product in my packaging application? Yes, we offer a Quick Start Kit that includes two of each of the Quick Start RT foam packaging bags as well as the Quick Tuff RT bag sizes. (See Sku #368674).
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