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The innovative AirSpeed HC is the industry's ultimate inflatable, on-demand hybrid cushioning system. At speeds of 75 feet a minute, AirSpeed HC produces inflatable pillows for a wide range of packaging applications including void-fill, cushioning, containment and wrapping. Products of all shapes and sizes receive optimal protection from shock, abrasion and vibration during transit. Since the inflatable pillows come flat in rolls, storage is efficient and cost effective; packers use only the amount they need for the application at hand.
The AirSpeed HC system has significant ease-of-use benefits over other block and brace materials, most notably foam-in-place (FIP). Often described as complicated, messy and negative for the environment, FIP
is a costly packaging option for users. AirSpeed HC on the other hand, is clean, fast, flexible, simple to use
and cost effective.

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