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Green Bubble Wrap for Sustainability & Security

Recently, our team collaborated with a company that specializes in electronics and appliances. Their business required a protective packaging option that would not onlybringincrediblesecuritytotheir fragile goods, but alsooffereco-friendly benefits. These items need premium cushioningandthe company didnt want to break the bankwhentrying tocombinethatobligationwith a sustainable protective packaging material. When thecustomer contacted us, we were able to assist them with the expert knowledge of our trained packaging specialists in order to find a green bubble wrap for both sustainability and security.

The Dilemma

Our customer, an appliance and electronics company, needed a protective packaging material that was eco-friendly and provided exceptional security to their fragile or sensitive products. The company had recently experienced merchandise breaking during the shipping process and wanted a sustainable alternative that was good for the environment.

The Bubble and Foam Solution

When we heard about this problem, we knew thatgreen bubble wrap was the way to go.This eco-friendly void fill was just the ticket it protects products with outstanding security and is much better for the environment than many of the alternatives. Check out the details on environmentally friendly green bubble wrap:
  • Contributesto the companys initiative to be more sustainable
  • Offerspremium protection to all products
  • Savesthe company an incredible $190,000 per year

Wins Across the Board

Just how exactly did this green bubble wrap improve product protection and save the company so much money? These incredible cost savings came from an increased yield, as well as allowing our customer to drastically reduce their truckloads, which further contributed to their corporate initiative tobe more sustainable. Its clear that just this green bubble wrap alone created significant victories in many areas for the appliance and electronics company. It reduced instances of merchandise breakage during transit, and, on top of all that,the environmental advantages are crystal clear. Green bubble wrap contains as much as 40% recycled material, utilizes 20% post-consumer content, is manufactured with recyclable polyethylene resin,and decreases thetotalamount of solid waste that goes into landfills.

Savings for the Planet and Your Budget

Thanks to the help of this high-performance green bubble wrap,the electronics and appliance company is able to meetorexceedmany oftheir sustainability goals, protect their items during transit, and save money. Overall, landfill waste has been reduced and this type ofgreenbubble film allowed the company totake as many as 361 truckloads off the road reducing emissions and going even further to help our natural world, as well as creating a significant cost savings for the customer.

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