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Bubble Wrap & Foam During the Holidays

Whether its clothes, tools, or new home furniture, this years holiday season has brought with it an onslaught of online shopping. With packages regularly being delivered throughout the world, a significant factor that is often overlooked is the actual packaging used for these specific products. Packaging is one of the most important factors in the shipping and handling process, since it must keep the product safe during shipment. The shipped product must maintain its pristine condition while moving between manufacturing facilities and cargo vehicles until it has reached its final destination. Upon arrival, the product must be in good shape in order to ensure that the customer is satisfied, and the product can serve its purpose. This is why there are many benefits to using bubble wrap and foam during this holiday season.

Bubble Wrap

Some of the most commonly used packaging products are bubble wrap and foam. When it comes to bubble wrap, its not just fun to use after it has finished serving its purpose, but is also extensively utilized to keep fragile products safe during shipment. Bubble wrap keeps goods safe and secure during the supply chain journey. However, during freight transit, it frequently experiences rough handling. But thanks to bubble wrap, items are usually well secured. Due to the sealed bubbles, air allows a flexible but sturdy cushion that forms a durable and protective barrier against most severe impacts. Its lightweight, low cost, and offers excellent all-round protection from the soft layer of cushioned air bubbles that cover the material. Hundreds of small air pockets are encased within polyethylene layers that make up bubble wrap, giving it outstanding cushioning and protection properties, which decreases the opportunity to have an item damaged during transit. These are just a few of the reasons why bubble wrap is beneficial, especially during the holiday season.

Foam Packaging

On the other hand, we have another often-used packaging product known as packaging foam. When speaking about foam, there are a wide variety of types that fall into this category, such as foam sheets, foam rolls, foam pouches, and beyond. Furthermore, foam is not only a clean packaging material that can be shipped with a wide variety of products, but is also soft and flexible, which makes it ideal for protecting fragile items throughout the entire supply chain. When buying protective packaging, your business needs to ensure that you avoid damaged items as much as possible. Therefore, fragile items need soft packaging like bubble wrap and foam to prevent scratches, chips, and other types of harm. Although there are many types of protective foam packaging, the most commonly used is polyurethane, since it can be manipulated into many different forms. This is an open-cell, soft foam that is easy to mold and fit to other products. It is quite flexible, absorbs impacts, hits well, and can be manipulated or molded into any shape you would like. Not only is foam effective, but it is also useful when fragile items are traveling long distances.

How Bubble Wrap and Foam Affect the Holidays

During the holiday season, packaging counts more than any other time of the year. It must not only offer effective, high-quality protection, but also present the item in a way that thrills your customer. Aside from the protective side of the packaging, the presentation of a package is also incredibly important. Packaging allows us to adapt it to every need in the most creative way possible. Therefore, it is essential to know how to take advantage of the variety of opportunities to make your packaging stand out during the holiday season. As Christmas is just around the corner, its time to spread the festive spirit with the most original packaging.

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