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3 Types of Protective Packaging You Should Consider

3 Types of Protective Packaging You Should Consider

Protective packaging is frequently used in a wide variety of different industries such as automotive, clothing, electronics, and food, etc. There are various types of protective packaging materials to protect the product from damages during different processes like in transit or when its stored away for a long time. We all want our valuables to be secure when packaged or packed away. That's why we are here to discuss the three types of packaging you should consider next time youre packing!

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a packing material that consists of small air bubbles that are designed to cushion and protect fragile items when shipping or moving. Bubble wrap is often sold in sheet rolls and is even sometimes embedded into mailing envelopes to protect any of your items, big or small. It is known that freight transit packages will often be subjected torough handling. But when they are protected with bubbles sealed with air, not only do they receive flexible protection, but also a durable cushion for impacts. In addition to this exceptional cushion against impacts and vibrations, bubble wrap is also very lightweight. This quickly translates to savings in shipping costs. In fact, bubble film is actually one of the lightest void fill packaging materials available. It's a lightweight structure made from mostly air, with layers of ultra-lightweight plastic for durability. On top of all these other incredible benefits, bubble film is also eco-friendly. Unless it is damaged, bubble wrap can almost always be reused. When not damaged, bubble film can be used time and time again, and it can continue to excel at its job of protecting goods. When it comes to comparing all of the void fill packaging, bubble film can be a much eco-friendlier option compared to some types of protective packaging that cannot be reused or that are easily damaged.

Micro-Foam Packaging

Microfoam is a type of void fill packaging that is gaining popularity due to its lightweight and flexible nature. Microfoam is manufactured from a polypropylene sheet, which is a lightweight foam that is moisture and chemical resistant in any type of temperature. Microfoam polypropylene sheet foams are known to be cost-effective as well as recyclable. Microfoam sheets are very flexible and can be modified into almost any form you might need. These sheets offer a unique high coefficient of friction and lightweight properties to protect products better than competitive packaging alternatives. Microfoam packaging provides a cushion to your goods. This means they can be more safely stacked on top of one another without worrying about scuffs or scratches. Microfoam also offers good thermal insulation, is lightweight, and makes it easier to handle your items during the supply chain process.

Types of Micro Foam Packaging:

  1. Foam Sleeves
  2. Foam Profiles
  3. Custom Foam Products
  4. Die Cut Foam
  5. Convoluted Foam
  6. Foam Planks

Air Pillows

Another variety of protective packaging you should consider is air pillows. Not only are they eco-friendly and lightweight, but they are also reusable for many valuable goods. They even come in a variety of sizes, making them ideal for filling voids in boxes or providing cushioning around packed items. When used correctly, air pillows dont allow movement or shifting while in transit. Due to the lack of movement in the item, the chances of your valuable goods being damaged are very low. Regardless of how big the air pillow is, they are always lightweight because they are filled with air, which means little to no shipping costs will be added, similar to the other protective packaging materials mentioned above. As sustainable as air pillows are, they are also very budget friendly. Air pillows are very versatile and can be used with almost any type of product, from appliances, electronics, or fragile items. Most air pillows are made from high-density polyethylene material, which is recyclable. Air pillows are known to be easy to use since they dont need to be inflated fully, just to the amount needed for packaging. Furthermore, they are also easy to clean up and dispose of after the package is opened. They are less messy than packing peanuts, and they are easy to reuse for other products.

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